Custom Pinstriping & Painting by CreateNotDuplicate's Mark Millett


Rolled up with art in a blanket, rolled out his wares to show… and the rest is history

The first B3 when we’d only met digitally, Mark showed up on his bright green 2000 Kawasaki ZRX1100 with all his art on the back of his bike. He’d told us in an email “To be honest I was just planning on loading up my bike and setting stuff up near/ around it, you know like a wondering bum. That's just what I normally do if I go off and paint somewhere.” And danged if he didn’t. But as his he kept providing raffles, the demand to see more grew and by the end of the season he was doing live painting demos at our events. We can’t wait to see what he’ll showcase this year.




“I originally got into pinstriping as a teenager but at the time I couldn't find anyone to learn from and there wasn't much info readily available. So I dropped it for my other artistic endeavors, until around 2014, when I became more interested incorporating more craftsmanship into my work. Since then it's been an enjoyable experience developing my own style while learning traditional craft and I'm looking forward to my continued learning and seeing where paint slinging takes me.”  - Mark


Hand-painted Helmet Raffles & Shows

This awesome lid was designed and donated for a Wild Rabbit Raffle on May 11. He has another helmet art piece showing at the upcoming Upcycle Helmet Art Show June 23. Get your own one of a kind helmet by just reaching out to @createnotduplicate!


Get in touch

Contact Mark for a custom painted bike, helmet, wall art, signs, or another idea you have.

Instagram: @createnotduplicate

Christine Pizzo