From Roller Derby to Rollin' out

In a random happenstance of events, there’s now a pretty frequent attendance of moto riders and moto brands to Boston Roller Derby competitions.


Badass females on two wheels and four…

It all started with a Facebook post on the Boston Litas page by Aubrey “Trash Bird” Planitz giving away free Boston Roller Derby tickets for their annual championship. Aubrey reached out to the Boston Litas as a newer rider who had a feeling her newfound love for her Honda Shadow and the derby community definitely had some connections.

It was a rainy Saturday in June last year when two of our members made the trek to Wilmington to experience Boston Roller Derby for the first time. It was an absolute blast! By the end of the night we had laughed till we cried, drank beers, and witnessed The Wicked Pissahs take home the golden Fez for the second year in a row!

We even got to hang out with our own B3 frequent supporter @motorcylechris of Cycles128. Chris was there showing off and letting us test out the newest Triumph Bobbers. - fierce is all we can say.

Since then we have a great group of B3 moto riders who attend each game to show their support to Aubrey and the increasing number of new skaters/riders. They have no problem going from eight to two wheels!

We are always publishing our upcoming events and would love for you to join us! These games are an entire night of entertainment you won’t want to miss.


summer schedule of events you should attend


June 01

away game

Boston Common vs Killah Bees

providence, ri


June 15

home game

Home Team Championships

shriners auditorium in wilmington, ma

This is the one we want to make posters for and all show up together! Keep you eyes on our instagram for info!


Aug 03

home game

Boston Triple Header

shriners auditorium in wilmington, ma

Another must attend! Keep you eyes on our instagram for info!


Christine Pizzo