Talk with the B3 Community: Slack Chat

Slack is a free app and website experience where we chat about anything and everything motos! Find events, ask shop advice, gear reviews, share trip photos, get help from someone around the corner and more. Talk to the broader community on the daily, this is the #1 thing you want to do, outside of attending a bike night!



Wanna do more?

We need and genuinely appreciate all the help we can get. From events, to leading Bat Signals to spreading the word, here’s the top things you can do to join the fun and get more butts on seats and parked at B3:


all the ways to lend a hand


Event Help

With attendance exploding, we definitely appreciate volunteers for parking, booze monitoring, ticket sales, swag sales, and set up. Whether it’s one event or multiple, we’ll take all the help we can get!

Vending & Sponsors

Vending and Sponsoring is FREE at B3! Drop us a line with what you have going on; we like variety and want to support any initiatives dear to your heart.

Promote & Find Friends

Getting the word out is vital. ‘Carding’ bikes with B3 biz cards, sharing social posts, telling the local moto companies you frequent… basically, if you see someone riding around Boston, let them know!!

Combine Forces

You have big things happening - let’s team up to spread the word! Maybe you need peeps to attend your charity ride, or help promoting your event, we can get creative!

Get Featured

B3 is all about you and for you, which means we want to talk about you, too! We’d love to feature community members on our blog & social posts about your build, trips, moto hobbies, you name it. Hit us up.

Bat Signal Captain

We can’t make every Bat Signal… and we don’t need to, they’re for you and your crew. Sometimes we could use an extra captain. If you’re interested, let’s discuss riding history and safety and get you out leading!


Donate to keep us going

To set the record straight, B3 is not a profit making venture. AL & Chris drop their own dime and B3 gets by on raffle donations during bike nights. Thankfully we don’t need much, just basics like a tent of our own for the rainy days, printing costs for posters and or attending other events to spread the word. We’d give you a big hug for any moola you’d like to toss our way, whether at B3 nights by trying to win raffles or donating to our Venmo account.